Shortcutting… Games

26 May

Whether you’ve got ice to break, time to fill, or just general fun to be had, games are the answer. They bring people together (and only very rarely tear them apart) and there are never any awkward silences. So without further ado, let me announce my favourite games.

Board Games: I know Monopoly’s a popular one but I find it takes too long and you never finish. Also, I’m not that good. So let’s move on. Articulate is definitely my favourite game: you basically have to describe words within a time limit, but it’s a lot more fun than it sounds! It does work best if you know your team mates well but if not it’s more funny. Taboo is similar except there are words you can’t say, just to add extra difficulties. It’s another good one for ice-breaking.

Pen and Paper Games: A sort of pen and paper equivalent of Articulate is the Hat Game, where everyone writes down names on pieces of paper and then takes turns trying to describe them. After all the names have been described, the second round is to describe the same ones in two words, and then round three is acting. Another game I love is Categories, where each player chooses a category, e.g. parts of the body, films, things that are blue, and then a letter is chosen at random and everyone has to find something beginning with that letter for each category. I’m aware that these all sound a bit boring, but in the words of the Lipton ice tea ads, don’t knock it until you’ve tried it!

Apps: Given our technological age etc. etc., I thought I should just briefly mention that the majority of these games are available in app form, great for Apple fanatics and environmentalists alike (you save on paper, see?).

So yeah, get playing and you’ll be able to steer clear of tumbleweed moments for a looong time.

Keep shortcutting,


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