Shortcutting… Packing

27 May

It’s my last day in the country (mixed feelings) and I’m having to pack frantically for leaving early tomorrow morning. I kind of touched on this in my post Shortcutting… The Summer, but I can see now that packing deserves its own whole post.

Some people seem to manage to fold everything incredibly neatly, slotting all their belongings into the suitcase so that every atom of space is filled. I’m one of the stuff-it-in, sit-on-top kinds of packer, with no real game plan, a panic-packer if you will. Rather than approaching packing in a cool, calm, collected manner, I dash around the house picking up random bits and pieces that could potentially come in useful if I take a wrong turning and get stranded on the Great Wall of China, and then keep finding bigger and bigger suitcases if it doesn’t seem to fit. For this reason, I feel slightly hypocritical giving advice on the subject, but I have heard that making a list beforehand speeds the whole thing up somewhat. There’s also that really annoying thing of not being able to pack pyjamas and toothbrush until the next morning, so I quite like making a list of things to pack the next day.

Okay, fastforward a few days. Now we’ve had our holiday, and are sitting cross-legged on the bed wondering how all the debris around the room ever fit into that little black box on the floor. At this point, find your original list, the one you made before you packed. Then you’ll make sure you don’t forget anything. If you left it at home then too bad. Game over. Go back to the start. Also, be sure to check under the bed. There’s always something under the bed. Finally, it’s helpful to have some sort of travel bag as well as your suitcase, into which you can decant some of your excess stuff.

Okay, I better get back to my own packing now…

Keep shortcutting,


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