Shortcutting… Picnics

1 Jun

It’s the Queen’s Jubilee this weekend, which means several days of Britishness are coming up. Britishness involves tea-drinking and stiff-upper-lip-keeping of course, but in the Summer season there is a new entrant in the charts: picnics. Those tiny little triangular sandwiches, and plastic cups of lemonade, and strawberries and cream, will all be making an appearance in great number during the next few days, so here’s the lowdown on how to make your picnics a walk in the park:

Picnic blanket: Make sure the blanket is big enough for everyone to sit on cross legged plus food. It might be worth doing a dry run at home just to make sure: You know, get everyone to sit down on the floor of your living room a comfortable distance apart and then measure the surface area required. No one wants grass stains on their trousers or ants in their finger food. As far as fabric goes, those waterproof ones are more durable but there’s something a bit un-Summery about waterproof picnic blankets so I’d opt instead for your classic woollen ones and cross my fingers. A union jack is not obligatory but it just amplifies that Jubilee vibe a little bit more.

Sandwiches: You definitely ought to make the little triangular sandwiches as not only is it much Britisher but it also allows people to pick and choose and leave out the gross ones. Speaking of gross ones, don’t make gross ones. Keep it simple with chicken and maybe some cheese ones, taking your guests’ dietary requirements into account.

Drinks: I’d say lemonade all the way, as almost everyone likes it and it’s nice and light and cooling. If you’re thinking along boozier lines, something bubbly would definitely go down well. And make sure you get a lot of cups: people always forget which one was theirs and need a new one.

Pudding: If you want to be traditional, and get into the spirit for Wimbledon later in the Summer, then strawberries are your best bet. If, however, you’d rather be a bit more indulgent, I’d opt for cupcakes: they’re fairly small and simple and everyone likes them.

Bon appetit!

Keep shortcutting,


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