Shortcutting… Tiredness

2 Jun

Okay: my phone battery’s low and my WiFi access is temperamental, so let’s make this quick.

I’m currently running on empty, rather like my phone, (so please excuse me if I don’t quite live up to my usual sparkling wit) and it has been difficult not to just collapse into bed and shut out the world, but I have found that there are ways to get through it. If you just can’t sleep head to my post Shortcutting… Sleep but if you have no choice but to power through, then stay right here.

Firstly, minimise movement. Any muscle contracted is energy wasted, so don’t do anything you don’t desperately need to. I also have a theory that eating loads should help as you’re getting more energy but this isn’t based on the most sound of scientific data so you might want to look into that before doing it. Also, shut your eyes whenever there’s an opportunity, i.e. whenever it’s not 100% necessary to have them open (so driving, cooking etc are excluded): I find that it makes me feel that bit less tired to just ever so slightly drift off. Finally, don’t stay up all night blogging. Your readers will understand (right?). On that note, good night (or if you’re not in a country where it’s night time, have a nice day)!

Keep shortcutting,

P.S. Went to that Coldplay show I mentioned yesterday evening and it was AWESOME!!!


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