Shortcutting… One Month And Still Going Strong!

12 Jun

I’ve now officially been blogging for one month – huzzah – and while you might disagree with the ‘still going strong’ part of my title, I have managed to blog every single day since then, which I regard to be a fair achievement. I’m not going to do a long teary speech or anything (although I am feeling kind of emotional! *sob*) but I’m just going to say it’s been a whole lotta fun boring y’all with my random daily thoughts. It’s really fun being a part of the blogosphere, and thanks for making me feel so welcome! (Okay, I swear the cheesy part is over now.)

So now to look forward, to the coming months. I’m going to try and soldier on through thick and thin, but if the going gets tough, I apologize in advance for missing a post. And please keep on reading, even if I do a couple of really awful ones (as you have been doing so far) – I’ll try and keep them as brilliant and hilarious as possible!

Please keep shortcutting, it’s great to know you’re reading!


P.S. Sorry that was short and boring, I’ll be back tomorrow 😀 Happy one month anniversary folks!


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