Shortcutting… Forgetfulness

16 Jun

Let me start with an apology. For there was a gaping black hole in your lives yesterday, an abyss, that no mere book-reading or t.v.-watching could fill. You waited for hours on end for the thing that ought to fill that hole, with bated breath, but it never came. I didn’t write a post yesterday. I am so very sorry. (That sounds sarcastic but I am genuinely sorry!)

I must now grovel for forgiveness. I hope you didn’t think, from the name of this post, that I simply forgot to post. Oh no. The truth is even more terrible. I was at a friend’s house yesterday to watch the England Sweden match and, dazed by our victory (and a little wine), left in rather a disorganized fashion.  I arrived home, full of enthusiasm to write a post, opened my bag for my phone, and lo and behold, I had left it behind. No blogging for me. (In hindsight, it would have probably been more terrible if I had simply forgotten to post, but I think the ‘truth is even more terrible’ thing makes the story a little more exciting.)

So anyway, after this rather exciting episode (I have since retrieved my phone you’ll be glad to hear), I have decided today to advise on forgetfulness, a topic I consider to be my forte. Here are some key factors that contribute to forgetfulness:

Emotions: There is no time you are more out of it than when in the grasp of an extreme emotion, be it happiness, excitement, or anger. So allow your emotions to run high and you’ll be forgetting things left, right and centre.

Alcohol: I lied. There is actually no time you are more out of it than when in the grasp of alcohol . A little glass of wine here, a little sip of raspberry vodka there, and soon enough you won’t even remember your own name. Fab!

Conversation: When you’re talking to someone, it’s always easy to lose track of what you were meant to be doing. If you’re on the tube or something, never speak to anyone when you’re approaching your stop, or you’ll end up having a rather longer journey than planned. Also, I’ve learnt from experience that reading a newspaper in said situation can yield similar results. Stay focused! Also, when people tell me things in conversation, I often forget all about them afterwards. If I agree on a date for a certain meeting and don’t write it down at the time, I won’t remember to go. So discussing things without any writing is, for me at least, a sure-fire way to forget about them.

Music: Some people like to listen to music as they work. I can’t think of anything worse. And the better the song, the more distracting, as I find myself singing along and completely losing my train of thought.

What is that I usually say at the end of posts again?

Something something,



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