Shortcutting… The Euro 2012

21 Jun

At risk of alienating non-European readers, I have decided it is time to publicize my thoughts on the current footie situation that’s going down in Poland and Ukraine at the moment. We’re past the group stage now, and the quarter finals are in progress: the Czech Republic just lost to Portugal a few hours ago. In general I’m not really into football (or soccer as it is also known): I claim to support Chelsea but I could only name about four players and I have no idea what the Champions League is (although it sounds like a big deal!). The reason, then, that I’m interested in the Euro, is that my two countries’ teams are doing quite well: obviously I’m English born and raised, but I’m also half Greek, and it’s particularly nice to see the Greeks getting a bit of good news for a change. There is, however, a potential problem – let me explain:

The quarter final matches are Czech Republic vs. Portugal (happened already), Greece vs. Germany (yes, I’ve heard all the jokes about Germany kicking us out of two Euros), England vs. Italy, and Spain vs. France. I found this nice diagram on the UEFA Euro 2012 webpage to illustrate the situation more clearly: Tournament Map. If England and Greece both get through to the semis (as I’m both hoping and doubting will happen), then things get a bit awkward: the semi final is England vs. Greece. Hmm. Maybe it’s better if one of them doesn’t win their quarter final.

So anyway, there isn’t much more one needs to know about the Euro than who’s still in, but here are some stats if that kind of thing floats your boat: The highest goal scorers so far are Gomez of Germany (yeah, he sounds really German), Dsagoev of Russia, and Mandzukic of Croatia (no, I have never heard of any of them either). Considering they’ve all only had three matches, I am going to assume that that’s pretty good. There have also been three red cards given (Szczesny of Poland, Papastathopoulos of Greece and Andrews of Ireland) and a whole bunch of yellows that I can’t be bothered with.

There’s my in-depth match analysis then, so I guess there’s only one thing left to do: predictions. I reckon the semis will be Portugal-Germany (sorry Greece! I love you anyway!), and England vs. Spain, the final will be Portugal vs. Spain, and Portugal will win. I really hope I’m wrong (although it would be kinda cool if I got a few right).


Keep shortcutting,



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