Shortcutting… Blisters

30 Jun

I have very, very big feet. I’m too embarrassed to give you an exact size, but suffice it to say that they’re pretty enormous. Anyway, unable to accept that I’m basically a freak of nature, I still shop in normal shops, and just buy the biggest size on offer, which is rarely large enough. (In my defence, they so pwetty!) Anyhow, it is rare for me to go through a day without crunched-up toes, aching soles, and a massive pair of blisters to boot. Here’s how I’ve learnt to deal with them:

1) Avoid walking whenever possible. The more you move, the more friction in your shoes, so try and stay as still as possible for minimum pain.

2) Find opportunities to take off shoes. I’m not saying you should keep taking your shoes off – what’s the point of getting them if you ain’t going to flaunt them – but do let your feet breathe every now and then.

3) Wear Compede. These blister plasters are massively over-priced, but if my advice has come too late and you’ve already fallen victim to the dreaded blister, give these gel-y-ish patches of healing a shot. Regular plasters also ease the pain.

4) Get trainers. I have a pair of Converse that I wear whenever I’m not in public (and often when I am) which are almost (is it even possible?) TOO big, so my feet get chill time.

5) Break shoes in. Before you wear them to a public place, it’s often a good idea to wear them around a bit to break them in/ prepare yourself for the pain to come.

Heal those heels and give it some sole!

Keep shortcutting,


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