Shortcutting… A Short Break

5 Jul

I am writing today to forewarn you that from tomorrow until tuesday, I will be on an 100% internet-free camping trip, getting back to nature etc etc (if you ask me, nature’s overrated, but oh well). You can probably see what’s coming. It’s hard for me to get the words out, but here it is. Deep breath. Okay. No internet for four days and nights means no blogging. FOR FOUR DAYS! Yes, you heard right. That’s four utterly blog-free days. I know – it’s going to be a hard time for all of us. I’m not sure if I’ll cope. Come day three I’ll probably run screaming back to civilisation, my blogging fingers (i.e. all my fingers) itching to get typing again.
But if not, I’d just like to say please don’t forget me. When the moon is high in the sky, I’ll be thinking of you. So please think of me too. What we have together is too good to throw away. I’m hoping it’ll be a case of ‘absence makes the heart grow fonder’ rather than ‘out of sight, out of mind’. What I’m trying to say is: our relationship can withstand this. I know it. So please don’t start scrolling through another blogger’s pages the moment I’m gone. Don’t cheat on me. I’m trusting you to be faithful, waiting with open arms for my return. We are strong enough to get through this, no matter what people say.

Together forever ❤

Keep shortcutting,


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