Shortcutting… African Cats

18 Jul

Unfortunately, despite my Greek background, I have only a very limited grasp of Greek, so when it came to watching t.v. this afternoon, my choices were limited. After much flicking back and forth, I came across the ‘movie’ channel, and, hoping the films were in English, stuck to it. What was on? African Cats. Sounds thrilling, doesn’t it? A little googling revealed it to be a Disney nature documentary (I had no idea they even did those?) about big cats in the Savannah. Not my usual thang, but there was nothing else on, so I thought ‘what the hey’, and gave it a shot.

What followed was a heartwarming tale of both a lion pride, with one ‘protector’ male who turned out to be a massive coward, and a cheetah called Sita who was a single mother with five (adorable) kids to protect from predators. I can tell you, life is tough for single mothers. With no government support to help her, Sita had to hunt down dinner, scare off predators, and keep track of all five kids at the same time. There was a terrible moment when she lost track of her kids, night fell, and in the morning it transpired that two of her cubs had been taken by hyenas in the night. There were tears in my eyes. But (spoiler alert), you’ll be glad to her that they had a happy ending. (Who’s laughing now, hyenas?)

As for the pride, led by Fang (who had a broken tooth which supposedly made him look hard), their drama was that the lead hunter, Leila, was getting old and so losing her value to the pack (I don’t see what Fang thought his value was but you know what men are like), and when left behind her daughter Mara was torn between looking after her mother and following the pack. But in the end, after being an outcast when her mother died, Mara managed to get integrated with the rest of the pack. There was also a threat from Kali and his four sons on the other side of the river, and it all built up to the moment when the two prides came face to face, and when they did how did Fang defend his family? By running away. Brave. So it was up to the women (as usual) to save the day. Actually, the second time Kali and co attacked, they somehow sort of just joined forces and became one pride (Fang was nowhere to be seen).

So what have I learnt about African cats? Adult cheetahs have to live ‘a solitary life’ – so in other words, they’re all single mothers (well except the men obvs), lions are all alpha males who want to rule the land, and it’s the lionesses who actually do all the dirty work. And a mane doesn’t necessarily mean balls.

So there ya go. I have learnt not to turn my nose up at documentaries. I hope that made you paws for thought. (You thought I’d gone through a whole post without making a pun, didn’t you? Don’t be ridiculous!)

Keep shortcutting,


2 Responses to “Shortcutting… African Cats”

  1. ribbie July 20, 2012 at 10:19 pm #

    I’m not a Disney fan, but I love documentaries featuring animals. Enjoyed the review.

    • shortcutting July 27, 2012 at 12:47 pm #

      Same here, although I do love a bit of Pixar!

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