Shortcutting… The Closing Ceremony

13 Aug

It’s been a good sixteen days. World records have been smashed, there have been tears of joy (and sorrow), national pride has been high. All in all, we’ve had a lot of fun. (Of course there are always losers in these sporting shenanigans but hey, they were in the Olympics! They get to go to the athletes parties, and boogie with arguably the hottest collection of people in the world. So don’t feel too sorry for them. I’m sure they still had kind of a good time, even if they were a bit disappointed.) But tonight, we said goodbye to these two weeks of thrills, spills and hopefully not many pills. After the glorious, bonkers, British-isimo Opening Ceremony (or OC as it shall be henceforth known), we all waited and wondered how the CC would tie things up. There was talk of it being essentially a pop concert, and I suppose in a way it was, but there is no way you would ever find a concert with such a variety of people performing. We had Emeli Sande, Annie Lennox, George Michael, the Pet Shop Boys, Eric Idle, Muse, One Direction, Ed Sheeran, Jessie J, Tinie Tempah , Taio Cruz, the Spice Girls, Take That, The Who, and I’m sure I’ve missed quite a few people out. Even John Lennon and Freddie Mercury had a starring role (although I found the whole constructing Lennon’s face thing a bit creepy, and rather reminiscent of Babygate from the OC). And as well as all the singing, there was a bunch of other crazy stuff going on. I personally thought the Union Jack stage was pretty cool, and the London skyline thing was nice. Also, I liked how the athletes were all around the stage having a whale of a time – it’s common knowledge that ‘standing’ is the best place to be in a concert, and they deserved it. The lights were pretty spectacular, there was great dancing, and all the sets for different acts were  good too. Of course it wasn’t quite as fab as the OC but it’s not meant to be. While the OC is a flamboyant welcome, the CC is a friendly goodbye, or rather an ‘until next time’. I must admit I had a tear in my eye as that magnificent torch, or ‘cauldron’ as it seems to be known, was slowly extinguished, and London 2012 was officially over. There are a number of cheesy things I’m tempted to say on the matter, but I’ll try to restrain myself and just say this: good job, London.

And now, as a last Olympics-related thing, I’d just like to mention a few Olympics occurrences that really warmed my heart:

  • Realizing as enthusiastic volunteers high-five me on the way out of a venue that these people have just given up their time for nothing! Because they’re nice!
  • Watching an athlete from an obscure, relatively unknown country get the gold, and hearing their anthem played for the first time – I have to admit I cried when that Grenadian guy won the 400 metres.
  • Seeing an athlete laugh while competing or, more likely, during an interview and remembering that despite their crazy determination and physical perfection, they’re human!
  • Hearing the crowd cheer for countries you know they’re not from.
  • Seeing athletes who are really happy, even when they didn’t get the gold.

Oh damn. I did the cheesy bit after all. Oh well, it’s the Olympics! You gotta be a bit cheesy, right?

Bring on Rio.

Keep shortcutting,



2 Responses to “Shortcutting… The Closing Ceremony”

  1. mamagirlsaysitall August 13, 2012 at 3:18 pm #

    I loved the CC. Sat and watched the entire thing last night. Annie Lennox was probably my favorite, and Hubbo liked seeing members of Pink Floyd & The Who. The flame extinguishing was a little sad. I too, have had a wonderful 16 days, watching it all from my couch in my living room, in the mountains of North Carolina, USA. It’s amazing rollercoaster of emotions, victory, & defeat. I can’t wait for the next one!

    • shortcutting August 14, 2012 at 9:34 pm #

      Yes, I watched the whole thing too – I can’t believe it’s over! Don’t know what I’m going to watch for the next four years!

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