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Shortcutting… Tidiness

15 Jul

Before I say anything on the subject of tidiness, I should warn you that all my tips are highly hypocritical, as I am an incredibly messy person. I am one of those people who rarely throws anything away (I think we’re known as hoarders), and likes to have things piled up rather than neatly filed away (I like to think of it as ordered chaos). So in today’s post, please take everything with a pinch of salt (unlike all my other posts, which you take completely seriously), as it is unlikely that I obey any of the rules I’m setting out.

Right, warning over. Now the reason for this post is that today I was doing some Spring cleaning (or should it be Summer cleaning? It’s Spring cleaning all year round right?), which basically means throwing things away and putting what has hitherto been floor-matter into cupboards, boxes and so forth, and I know you’re dying to hear how I did it. So here goes.

Empty any bags onto the floor. That way, you have to deal with the stuff inside them, and it somehow seems easier to deal with too – I don’t know about you, but I find a bag of stuff way more intimidating than a pile of stuff on the floor. Stuff in a bag seems infinite – it’s like you’ve got one of those Mary Poppins bags that can hold lamps and things (or for the younger among you, like Hermione’s bag when she puts that spell on it in The Deathly Hallows) and will never be empty – whereas stuff on the floor is all visible and you can see how much you have to go. And plastic bags in particular are hideous beings;┬áthe biggest pile of rubbish is more attractive than a Tesco bag so empty it and get rid of that bag right now!

Throw away paper. There’s nothing more satisfying than getting rid of paper piles, particularly when the paper’s all crumpled and messy-looking. It’s almost worth putting paper there just so you can get throw it away and feel like you’re making progress, or it would be if it weren’t for the terrible environmental consequences of paper wastage… And if you’re really paranoid that you might need the paper one day, take a picture of it. Photos don’t take up space (yes, they take up memory (as in camera memory (ooh, brackets within brackets (within brackets))), but we’re not worried about that right now).

Move things off the floor. For me, a clear floor makes everything seem more tidy, even if everywhere else is chaos. So pick up anything that’s on the floor (yes, including all the bag contents), and put them on tables, desks, shelves, or wherever they will fit. If the floor is clear then you can hoover it, and if you can hoover the floor then the room is technically clean (according to my rules, anyway).

Be ruthless. As I’ve already said, I hate throwing things away, but the truth is, you can’t keep everything you’ve ever owned (unless you have a hell of a big cupboard). I think the first book/ t-shirt is always the hardest, but once you get the momentum going it’s pretty easy to just chuck away anything that isn’t of paramount importance. So just take the plunge and before you know it you’ll be sitting in an empty room with only your toothbrush and underwear for company.

I hope this post wasn’t rubbish! (Ha ha…)

Keep shortcutting,