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Shortcutting… Heat

17 Jul

I am in Greece at the moment – woke up at 3.45 am to get here (I know, I’m so brave) – and I can describe it to you in one word: Hot. Given three more words I would probably add: So. Bloody. Hot. Although I supposedly have Greek blood in me, it is clearly not very prevalent, as I have an extremely low heat tolerance. I think I’ve touched on this before, but hey – if I don’t really remember you probably don’t either. So here is how I plan to deal with it.

1) Sun Cream (/ ‘Block’). I hate wearing the stuff but without it I am burnt to a crisp, boiled, fried, chargrilled, or whatever other cooking method you prefer. So I slap it on and make sure to check before I leave that it is sufficiently rubbed in and I don’t look like some kind of ghost (although given my English skin and current tiredness, this is somewhat unavoidable).

2) Ice-cold Air Con. When the heat gets too hot, I head inside for a nice cool break, until my boiled/ fried/ chargrilled state is lightly chilled. It’s like putting a roast chicken in the fridge: you can never unroast it (ooh I forgot roasted), but it is nice and cold and makes a damn good sandwich (okay the metaphor kinda fell apart there).

3) The Sea. Tomorrow morning, I will most certainly be taking the plunge. I know some favour the gradual, walking-deeper-and-deeper-in method, but I am more of a find-the-end-of-a-pier-and-get-it-over-with type of gal.

4) Ice Cream. A food that is both sweet and tasty, and highly cooling. What could be better? (I particularly like those sandwich ones with the biscuity stuff on either side – there’s easy to hold and the ‘bread’ of the sandwich is much nicer than cone in my opinion.)

Is it hot in here or is it just you? 😉

Keep shortcutting,